With over 15 years of experience in welding and fabrication works, REC has become a well-known name in West Sussex, East Sussex and Surrey. We, at REC Welding and Fabrication, are known for our reliable and efficient welding and fabrication works and look forward to work with both old and new clients. Every job is an opportunity for us to use our years of experience and the expertise of our talented team to bring to you, quality and timeless work. We offer a range of services that include working on materials like mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium. You can bring to us anything from engineering drawings to CAD designs and we can help give shape and definition to your conception and idea. We take pleasure in working with our clients as their ideas are what our creations are made of. We take pride in the bespoke work we create. We encourage detailed discussions with the client and know about their requirements and what they are looking for in each job.
Welding and fabrication for automotive industry
The automotive industry has undergone a huge change in the past years and has seen some unique challenges such as a change in the type of materials used and lack of skilled labour, among others. We ensure quality welding with any kind of material, heavy or light, and our team of talented workers makes sure that you get your design to a tee.
Painting and powder coating services
We provide customized painting and powder coating services as well. Powder coating is fast becoming a popular technology in the finishing industry. It is a more environmentally-friendly technique that allows for a better finish than paint services and lasts longer.
Cutting, drilling, folding, milling and turning services
We offer a range of metalworking services such as cutting, drilling, folding, milling and turning services. So whatever it takes to get you the finished product of your choice you can entrust us with the task as we will apply the appropriate technique to get the best quality finished product.
Sheet metal work
Our sheet metal works opens a door of opportunities when it comes to the finer metal designs. Using our expertise with sheet metal work we deliver to you fine metal crafts in a variety of different metals. We service both domestic and commercial clients.